How Does a Copier Service Agreement Works?

Your dealer will present you with a number of service maintenance alternatives when you engage into a contractual obligation.

All-In-One Lease Payment

There will be a predetermined number of copies included in the copier’s fixed monthly lease cost that you can print for free each month. A set of both black-and-white and color prints will very certainly be provided if you rent a color copier. You will be charged a set rate per page if you use more than the allotted amount. You must pay for the prints you didn’t use because the monthly payment is fixed.

Lease and Maintenance are Separate

This contract separates maintenance fees and lease fees, which is why it’s frequently referred to as a cost per copy contract. You will receive a preventive service that includes parts, supplies, and limitless training as part of a maintenance agreement. You don’t have to pay for anything you don’t use, which is a benefit of this arrangement. Let’s say your contract specifies that you pay a certain amount each page. This makes it affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises by multiplying the quantity of copiers or pages by that figure, which is determined by your service dealer. The maintenance fees and print fees will typically appear on a separate monthly invoice.



Pay-As-You-Go suggests that you must pay for repairs or maintenance as they are needed. This is not suggested since, as your copier ages, numerous repairs will be required. Additionally, the expense of the toner must be covered out of pocket.
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