1. Input And Output Tray

The majority of modern printers operate by bringing paper in from the front, circling it on a roller or drum, and then ejecting it out the output tray. You don’t want to bend the paper while printing on thicker material, though. Then, you might want to seek for a printer with an input tray that extends from the rear of the device, allowing paper to be fed through in a straight line. Additionally, you need an output tray big enough to accommodate your print. You wouldn’t want a tray that can handle 20 pages, for instance, if you were planned to print 50 pages. You must have an output tray big enough to store all of your pages.

  1. Duplexing

Duplex printing allows you to print documents on both sides in a single pass. When you do a lot of printing and want to save the cost of paper, this option is quite helpful. Most printers do not have this functionality. By manually re-feeding the paper into the printer after the first side has been printed, the majority of printers can print on both sides.

  1. Wireless connectivity

Make that the printer you purchase can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, NFC, or Wi-Fi and that it is compatible with the devices you intend to use it with. Make sure your printer is Apple AirPrint compatible if you intend to use it with a Mac or an iPad or iPhone. You may see whether the company that makes your printer offers a mobile app that enables wireless printing from mobile devices. By just tapping your phone to the printer’s NFC label, certain printers with NFC capabilities enable you to connect your phone to the printer.

  1. Touch and non-touch LCDs

Even the most basic printers available now include LCDs that make it simple to connect to your wireless network and change your printer’s settings. For instance, you may choose to always print two-sided or to only use paper from a certain paper cassette. When compared to non-touchscreen devices, which require pressing a sequence of buttons to go to the function you want to access, touchscreen devices make the procedure simpler.

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