Everything You Need To Know About Scanning

If you’ve got scanning questions, here we’ve got the answers! Although scanning is a simple solutions compared to other tools, it does come with some big questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions that users’ of photocopy machine tend to ponder about.

1. Is Scanning Secure?

The truth is, scanning is as secure as your organizations. If your company got good security solutions in place such as document management system, then you are in the clear.

2. How Do You Choose The Best Scanner?

Here are some things to take considerations when choosing a scanner:

  • How often do you need to scan
  • How quickly you need to scan
  • How much paper you need to scan
  • What your budget is
  • What you want to do with your digitized files
  • Which existing systems and devices you want to use

3. How Do You Calculate The Cost Of Scanning?

Here are some things to keep in mind when calculating the cost of scanning:

  • How long the process takes
  • How many documents you scan
  • Are your employees need scanning training

Every scanning job comes with a different cost. But for sure, scanning files is much more cheaper than storing physical documents.

4. Can scanned files be edited?

A scanned file’s properties depends on the scanner’s type that you use. For example, simple scanners can only create an image of your documents, means that you can’t edit the content. But some scanners that are smarter come with optical character recognition that can read typed or handwritten content, translates it into computer language and gives you the ability to search and edit it.


Scanning may be a stress-free and straightforward work but it still poses a few confusion to some people. The important thing to remember is that scanning is budget-friendly and easy to learn. You can rent or buy with us a RICOH multifunction printer which offers you the ability of scanning, printing, copying and faxing. Contact us now!

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