Easy Ways to Reduce Printing Costs

With the major shift in priorities, we’ve seen new challenges and renewed processes during the workplace transition to home. In saying so, it’s easy to overlook simple steps that can easily help reduce costs- print costs being one of them.

1. Claiming a printer or scanner
If you use a printer or scanner for work, and you’re working from home with your own equipment, it’s likely you can make a tax claim. However, there are some rules.

You can only claim for the business use percentage of time you use your printer/scanner for work purposes. So, if you only use your home printer/scanner for uploading old photos or printing out recipes, you don’t have a claim.

2. What kind of claim can I make?
You need to decide if you’re better off making a claim as a one-off or depreciation over time on your equipment. And it’s an easy decision to make because it all comes down to cost.

If your machine cost less than $300 you can claim the business use percentage of the purchase price as a one-off deduction.

3. Can I claim equipment that I don’t own?
If you pay a monthly fee or lease equipment that is necessary for you to perform your role in a business, you can claim the portion of the costs of the lease that is business related.

4. Internet usage + printing = claim?

Most of the machines we use from home for work – phones, laptops, printer/scanners etc. – all require internet access, which costs money.
But you can’t claim your whole internet bill as a tax deduction. To do this you’d have to convince the ATO that you don’t use the internet at all for personal use, so any online shopping, news websites you access, or Googling where to go on your next minibreak, will prove you wrong.

5. Printing paper and ink claims

Two of the biggest, ongoing costs related to printing are, of course, paper and ink. While you might not think about this too much in the office, working from home highlights how much you as an individual are spending on these two print needs. And if you’re footing the bill, you’re going to want to make a claim.
If you are spending money on paper and ink, keep proof of purchase. You will need to prove the business use percentage of these costs, so again keep a diary so you have the documentation to back up any claim you make.

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