Differences between Copiers and Multifunction Printers

Even the most environmentally-friendly company will probably need a paper document processed at some point.
Means that, copiers and multifunction printers still have an important place in every company in the world. However, that does not mean that these machines have to look and perform the same as they always have.
There’s only one way to find out: it’s either copiers or multifunction printers that your company needs.

Multifunction printers

Paper size: 

When it comes to Multifunction Printers (MFP), you have a little flexibility with the paper size. Keep this in mind if you are choosing MFP for your business.


Multifunction printers are much more pricey upfront, but cost less to operate in the long term. They also save money by combining print, copy, scan and even fax. Meaning that you will not have to pay for an entire fleet to get the work done.

Features & functions:

Multifunction printers do a bit of everything. Additionally, they come with four addition main functions like finishing options, advanced connectivity, efficiency tools and more.


Paper size:

Many copiers can work with your standard paper (8.5×11), but they also can manage copy jobs up to 12×18. This gives them a bit of flexibility. But only if non-standard copy jobs frequently happen in your office.


Copiers tend to be cheaper upfront, but the price per copy is higher than MFP. Copiers are also more expensive overall because they offer only one main job. Meaning that you will need other devices to fill in other jobs like scanning.

Features and functions:

Copiers for the most part, just copying documents. Eventhough, some copiers may come with few additional features , they usually aren’t hailed as multitasking workhorses in the business world.

So when it comes to your needs, which machine is your choice? 


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