Definition of Sort & Group on a Copier

Your office copier’s sort feature keeps the copies of multi-page contracts and proposals you are duplicating in the same order as the original document you are copying. You don’t need to manually collate the copies when copying is finished because your copier’s group feature automatically distributes the sorted copies in different bins. Some copiers do not have this feature.

Sort Function
The sort feature must be turned on just like other copier features for the operation to happen. To activate the feature, press the “Sort,” “Sort/Group,” or a button with a similar label on the front control panel of your copier. Press “Start” or “Go” to begin copying or sorting after placing the document in the automatic document feeder of your copier. Any document with more than two pages can use this functionality.

Team Feature
When creating more than two copies, the group feature of your copier is engaged, and the copies are sorted and put in bins inside the sorter unit. For the functionality to function on some copiers, you must select “Group”; however, on other copiers, the feature is already activated as part of the sort feature. The sorted and grouped copies can be automatically stapled with some printer types.

Document Deletion
Your copies are prepared for removal and distribution after the sorting and grouping process is finished. If desired, click the “Sort,” “Sort/Group,” or a button with a similar name again to turn off the feature. You can manually sort the copies or recopy them if you find a mistake in the way they are arranged.

Whether the sort/group feature is missing from your copier, check with the manufacturer, the copier’s website, or the owner’s manual to see if you may order and install both a sorting unit and the feature. It is possible to buy and install the sorting unit separately for a number of printer brands, including Canon, Sharp, and Ricoh.

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