Copier’s Common Problems

As with many technological device, multifunction printers also are not perfect. Throughout the life of your printer, for sure it will stumble upon some issues and problems. Here are some of the common problems that your copier may experienced and how to resolve them.

Is your copier the right size for your needs?

Buying an incorrect size of copier machine is one of the common problems. Some companies buying the biggest at and best device thinking that a high-speed machine would be the best. However, you have to justify the size of the copier you purchased with the your business work volume and workflow. If not, your copier will likely require frequent service calls. That’s the thing you want to avoid.

It would be unneeded and impractical to buy a big multifunction printer to handle a low volume print environment. Therefore, if anything, you must consult first with an expert to ensure that your purchase is suitable for you work environment. 

Do your copies and prints have Streaks, lines or other imperfections on them?

Thin lines on your copies or prints is another common problem that you may have or had been facing.

If you only detect imperfections on your copies but not your prints, the solution simple. Most latest models of multifunction printer have a small glass line in the document feeder for copying and scanning. This piece of glass can get dirty and dusty very easily and cause lines on copies and scans. If this happened, simply clean the slit of glass to solve the issue.

If every page that comes out of the multifunction printer has small thin lines, you will more likely have to request service to solve it. When this happened, your multifunction printer most likely have to replace a part of the machine such as the drum, developer or the fusing unit. This repair must be completed by an professional print technology service technician.

Is your multifunction printer too old and outdated for current technology?

Sometimes your multifunction printer just cannot keep up with the current technology. Current multifunction printer manufacturers will make software updates and OEM parts for about 7 years after the model is discontinued. Just keep in mind that if you start having issues with your current device, is it because of it’s outdated?


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