Choosing a Managed Print Services Provider

The potential cost savings may be enough to get you interested in managed print services. However, choosing a provider requires looking at more than just your print budget. Place priority on local providers that can quickly and professionally respond to service calls and offer the following these elements:


1. In-Depth Print Analysis

A comprehensive, in-depth analysis provides the data your vendor needs to develop a customized solution that generates value for your business.

Ask your vendor what type of data they gather during this process and how they plan on using it to develop a plan for increasing business office equipment efficiency. It takes comprehensive data gathering to create a complete plan for managing your print fleet.

2. A Proven Track Record

Ask about previous customers. Can they provide you with reliable testimonials from other businesses? Find out what people say about your potential Managed Print Services vendor before you sign a contract – reputation is key in the managed print industry.

You may find that while a particular vendor talks the talk, it consistently fails to generate real value for its customers. It may be more interested in ripping and replacing your print fleet with its own devices and less engaged in helping you actually use those devices to your maximum benefit.

3. Demonstrated Success Improving Document Workflow

A secondary part of the track record question is how the vendor plans on improving document workflows in your company.

Remember that Managed Print Services encompass more than just your print fleet. This can and should be a comprehensive solution to controlling document costs. This approach can take any number of forms.

For instance, you may have a key interest in choosing a provider that can transition key processes to paperless workflows. If you can save by printing less, your Managed Print Services provider should say so and help you achieve that goal.


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