Choose the Best Printer for your Home or Office

Do you know the best printer to buy for your home or office? Well, no worries. Let us make it easier for you.
Printers play a major part in improving productivity in the home and office, hence it important to make the best choice when purchasing one. However, deciding on which one to get can be difficult with so many types and brands of printers to choose from. Here is a guide to help you select the best printer for your home or office.

– Choosing the right type of printer
The first step on how to choose a printer for your office or home is making sure you select the right type of printer. This means that you must understand the different types of printers on the market. Printers are a long-term investment, so look for durable brand name machines from well-established companies.

– Choose between inkjet and laser technology
Inkjet printers are one of the most affordable printers since they are fairly small and are available at many office supply stores. These are suitable for homes and small offices that have a low to medium daily printing volume. These printers require ink cartridges, which will need to be replaced, when used frequently.

Laser printers are larger than inkjet printers and are better suited for medium to large office environments. They can print high volumes of documents very quickly without having to replace ink cartridges regularly. Laser printers and toners cost more, but are more efficient and affordable for large companies.

– Multi-function or single-function printer
Some printers only serve as printers, but others are equipped with the ability to copy, scan, email and fax. These multi-function or all-in-one printers come in a variety of sizes, but many of them are small enough to fit onto a small desk. Buying a multi-function printer can be less expensive than buying a fax machine and scanner individually. Multi-function printers are the best choice for home use since they do not take much space.

– Consider your networking requirements
Another criterion on how to choose the best printer for home or office is to consider your networking needs, especially if you need an all-in-one printer for a larger network with multiple computers. Some networked printers will only allow certain features, but most all-in-one printers are now coming equipped with the ability to connect to the internet for multiple printing needs.

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