Black&White Laser Printer Vs Color Laser Printer


One black toner cartridge is used by monochrome laser printers. There are four colours used in colour laser printers: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. When opposed to buying colour printing by the page from a copy shop, investing in a colour device may be worthwhile if your output greatly favours the need for colour (to print graphs, charts, diagrams, and images). Combining a monochrome laser printer with a colour inkjet printer might be a preferable option for sporadic use, particularly for photos. The price of entry-level colour laser hardware catches up in the consumables department, much as cheap inkjet printers increase their cost of ownership with expensive ink.


Speed has a cost, just like many other performance features, such as resolution and networking. A colour device needs more engineering to optimise a trickier process in order to print at the same pace as a monochrome laser printer. Color laser printers that use a single drum to hold all four of its toners rather than using separate drums to apply each toner to the paper separately have a higher production cost per page than monochrome printers. Expect a monochrome device to perform better than a colour laser printer for the same buying price.


Although both monochrome and colour laser printers are available in models with a variety of features and extras, a monochrome machine will perform better for the same price. Due to the added complexity of printing in colour, more of the machine’s cost is allocated to its fundamental functions, leaving less money to pay for improved resolution, networking features, built-in duplexing, and additional paper-handling options, like multiple paper trays or support for larger paper sizes.

Other Considerations


A colour laser printer will be bigger and heavier than a monochrome counterpart since it needs to hold more toners and has more complicated mechanical components. For workgroups and organisations where numerous users frequently print colour graphics, colour laser printers are a sensible alternative to inkjet equipment. Compare the price of toners and other color-specific consumables before investing in either type of laser printer to see if the cost per page of colour laser output fits your business budget and needs.

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