Bad Photocopy Outcome? Why?

1. Ink Photocopy
It is best to use the best photocopy ink not to be affected by photocopy of KW ink or even, although cheap but may interfere with the performance of your photocopy machine so that your copy machine can not be lasting.

2. Exposure
What is Exposure? exposure is better known as exposure lens in English, so be sure to mirror the photocopy mirror and exposure lens in a clean, dustless manner, the more photocopy activity the dust becomes.

3. Top & Bottom Corona Wire
You should be careful in checking the corona wire part, since the corona is a vital part of the photocopy machine. Corona wire hygiene and good condition are key to the durability of the photocopy drum, if the corona wire look is not yellow again then try to be cleaned or replaced only, use the best corona wire for the photocopy not to strip

4. Developer Tinta Fotocopy
In the ink developer section also often results in blurry photocopies, make sure the settings on ink developers are not too thin.

5. Photocopy Drum
Photocopy Drum is a major part of a photocopying machine. If the drum machine is not always cleaned, then the photocopies become less clear and blurry.

6. Setting the Photocopy Machine Program
Change the settings section below (previously press * 3 *)

light-5: -30
light5p: -30
primary: 360
bias: 360

hold down the reset button

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