Advantages of Photocopier Machine

As everyone knows, most businesses have at least one photocopier machine in their workspace, even though the need for printing documents has declined over the years. But still, the demand for tangible hard copy documents is still going on in many situations and environments. There are several advantages that a perfect office photocopier can actually provide.

Reduce Paper Use

While it may sound contrary, the perfect office equipment purchase can actually help in your attempts to reduce paper usage output or to go paperless altogether. Here is the few examples of how your photocopier machine can reduce paper use.

Scan to Email or Digital Folder

By using multifunctional printer or photocopier machine, you can scan a hard copy document as digital document directly to an email address or digital folder. This feature can eliminate the need to duplicate the paper over and over for distribution to individuals. And with the suitable applications installed, the scanned documents can also be converted to an editable file. This new technology can enhance complex workflows and getting rid the need to reproduce the document for editing purposes.


The newest model of photocopier machine have the capability to print or copy on both sides of the paper. For duplex copying, you might want to buy or rent a photocopier machine with a single pass duplex scanning abilities. This feature will eliminate the need to flip over the paper and refeed the document to print on both sides.

The duplex functionality can be setup to automatic duplex when printing or it can be selected manually as needed. The utilization of this feature will drastically cut down  on your print output by 50%.

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Create Professional Looking Presentations

The quality of a printed presentation can effect the client’s decision about the deal. You work hard to put together the right layout of data, content and images. But, ultimately the visual output that comes off of the photocopier machine is the impression that you depend on. Imagine spending hours and hours putting together a presentation and the printed product comes out faded, streaky or dull. The client would look at the presentation and the content would be lost on them due to the poor print quality.

The combination with the right paper option, a quality color photocopier will produce vibrant presentations that will impressed your clients and seal the deal. If your company is the type that regularly produce presentations or marketing materials, you may want to consider a production printer. Production printer offers you many optional features such as the ability to make booklets, fold and adjust the color to create materials that looks like they come straight from a professional photocopier.

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