A Guide To Printing Anywhere

With the rate of business always accelerating, many critical business operations are performed on the fly. Of course, printing is no exception. Whether you work in government, sales, healthcare or logistics, almost any industry relies on printing important documents at a moment’s notice – in almost any location. To maintain the pace of doing business, companies need equally speedy and convenient printing solutions. From mobile apps to portable printers, modern solutions are empowering businesses to print anywhere at any time.

Print on the go with mobile and portable printing. Given the rising tide of hybrid work, the importance of printing from any location is becoming exceedingly obvious. Nowadays, anybody can work anywhere. So why not print anywhere, too?

Of course, you may be wondering what printing on the go actually means. When it comes to printing anywhere – inside the office or out :

– Printing from mobile devices: Be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet, it’s increasingly important to be able to print from any device. Employees are performing work on such devices like never before. To support these workflows, organisations need cloud printing solutions that integrate those tools into the company’s entire infrastructure

– Printing from remote desktop: Remote printing connects hybrid workers to in-office employees. In turn, they’re able to fulfill critical print jobs regardless of location

– Printing on a portable printer: Even before the massive migration to hybrid work, many employees were working remotely or in the field due to their specific job function. Today, you never know where personnel may be located. What you do know is how important it is for a critical print job to be completed as quickly as possible

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