5 Interesting Facts About Photocopy Machines

Photocopy machines have always been a constant need for us that we forget how far it has come as a modern technology innovative development. These are some intriguing facts about the photocopy machine that you might have never known before

Arthritis led to the invention of photocopy machines
Yes, it might sound strange that common joint pain and stiffness could inspire the idea of the photocopier which we daily use today, but it is in fact, true. Chester Carlson was working as a patent analyst when he found making hand copies of documents as tedious. He had arthritis and nearsightedness, which made rewriting and recreating original documents by hand a hard task. His need to make working with documents easier and more efficient led him to the discovery of a process that could put an image on paper, which led to the invention of the 2000-pound copy machine in 1959.

You can’t copy money
Counterfeit money is highly illegal and is a crimeful act. Thankfully, with the incredibly secretive and effective security system installed in most modern photocopy machines, copying or printing money is impossible. If you try to copy a note (which you shouldn’t!), there will be marks all over the print making it unusable.

Sitting on your photocopier is a bad idea
Putting your weight on the photocopy machine or directly sitting on it might look fun and harmless, but it actually causes damage to the machine and could lead it to many problems later. The pressure from the weight put on the machine onto vulnerable parts such as the glass and other small components of the photocopier can lead to the parts breaking or corrupted.

It was once common to get a complimentary fire extinguisher when you buy a photocopier
Xerox’s first successful copier, XEROX 914, came with a small fire-extinguisher as a “scotch guard”. This is because of the tendency of the photocopier to combust into flames when it is overrun or overheated.

People often underestimate the file security of photocopy machines
Modern digital photocopiers and multifunction printers with larger networks have hard drives that store data and images that they copy, print, scan and fax. Data risks related to malware and hacking of computers and networks are commonly heard of but data theft from copiers and multifunction printers are quite universal in offices. This means sensitive data such as organizational financial information, confidential client data, and so much more are opened to data security risk.

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