5 Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Printers and Copiers Secure

5 Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Printers and Copiers Secure

Cybersecurity is a subject that is frequently discussed but never fully comprehended. Numerous devices are susceptible to hacking and other nefarious online crimes. Printers and copiers are two items that frequently get unchecked when it comes to security precautions. Your company is at risk from an insecure printer. At least 60% of companies in the UK, US, France, and Germany had printer security breaches in the previous year, according to the Global Print Security Report. That often means that organizations experience large data loss as well as other negative repercussions, such as a loss of revenue. You could believe that purchasing protection for your printer and copier is necessary. However, security risks can affect even tiny organizations. Having a password in place might not be sufficient to protect your private data from opportunists. Because of this, it’s critical to treat cybersecurity seriously—even for your printers and copiers. Here are 5 pointers to get you started with printer security.



You must manage and train your team to ensure that your printer and copier are effectively secured. 90% of security threats in the past year were the product of human error, according to a CybSafe study report. That indicates that your staff pose a serious security risk, especially if they are unaware of it. Employee ignorance of the security hazards that printers and copiers might bring to the office frequently results in the easy access of crucial documents and data by both offline and online threats. In certain circumstances, it’s crucial to talk about and inform staff members about the various printer and copier security procedures they might use. Inform them of appropriate procedures for printing and copying particular documents. Make sure you are also aware of who has access to the copier and printer. Make admin accounts for everybody who prints private papers frequently. You won’t ever need to worry about security breaches if you have the right clearance and security measures in place.



There are a lot of printers and copiers with direct Internet connections. Through wireless connectivity, you and your team can use this to execute printing, scanning, and copying tasks. It’s a hotspot for possible security vulnerabilities, which is unfortunate. Simply unplugging or detaching your printer and copier will stop this from happening. Of course, if you want to keep your regular business operations uninterrupted, you’ll also need to put in place an offline system. If you are unable to implement an offline system effectively in your workplace, another option is to set up your printing equipment to offer the features and services that you want your staff to have access to.



Make sure you have powerful software tools in place as this is another helpful advice for protecting the security of your printer. The use of security software is essential throughout your entire company. Why shouldn’t your printer and copier have security software installed if your phone, laptop, and other devices already do? Installing a security software application in your printer has many advantages. Security software can offer significant defensive features that stop hacking activities from overpowering your printer in addition to being cost-effective. This is crucial in workplaces with a large number of employees. You won’t be aware of how your staff members are managing private documents at work. You’ll feel more at ease knowing your data is secure if security software is in place. Employees are discouraged from leaving files on printers since many security software solutions need a PIN number to access the various services and controls.



You could believe that your password is sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to your printer. Think again. Any modern printer is easily vulnerable to hacking by cybercriminals with harmful intent. You should routinely change the password on your printer device, just as you would with network security. Make sure your password is both distinct and challenging. It doesn’t have to contain an infinite number of characters and symbols, but it must be complex enough to prevent hackers from deciphering it. Make sure that only specific admins have access to change the settings and passwords on your printer and copier.



The best way to think of a firewall is as a door or a key to your devices. It’s a robust barrier with several long-term security advantages that will benefit you. Your data is shielded from unauthorized activity when you install a firewall in your printer and copier. If your network shares printers with other networks, this is extremely crucial. Always think about the best methods to utilize to protect the data on your printer and copier. Any of these suggestions can be used in combination to strengthen the security of your printer. A significant security breach is among the worst things that can occur to a company, so keep that in mind. A data breach is a significant issue that can result in a number of issues that you should aim to prevent. You may ensure the expansion and success of your business by spending money on security methods for your printer.

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