3 Rental Copier Drawbacks to Consider When Renting A Copier

You may occasionally find offers when looking to rent a copier that appear too good to be true.
As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.
Check the fine print if you receive offers that seem too good to be true when compared to what other merchants are offering.
Let’s now look at three of the most prevalent traps you should be aware of and steer clear of.

Recond Copier Advertised As Brand New

What It Means

Some companies that rent out copiers could present their refurbished models as brand-new. Unfortunately, this results in you paying for a brand-new copier but receiving a used one in return.

They can also say “newer model,” which could lead you to believe they mean “new model.”

Due to this, they are able to provide you with a monthly leasing fee that is less expensive than other recond packages or only slightly higher.

How To Prevent
In their copier quotation or rental agreement, keep an eye out for the words “Brand New” or “Recond/Reconditioned/Refurbished.”
To find out if the offered copier is still being produced, you may also look up the copier’s launch date. If the date is older than three years, this could be a warning sign that needs more explanation.

High Non-refundable Deposit

What It Means

At first look, saving money on your copier rental can appear to be the greatest choice. However, it is crucial to be aware of any potential hefty non-refundable deposits and additional costs when renting a copier.

The rental cost could be low if the non-refundable deposit is high because doing so would be the same as buying the machine rather than renting it.

Your leasing agreements for inexpensive copiers often include nonrefundable deposits and other fees that can end up costing you significantly more over time.

Used Second-hand Copier vs Proper Reconditioned Copier

What It Means

Similar models of refurbished copiers are available from several vendors of copier rentals, but at substantially lower rental rates than the competition.

In actuality, the given copier machine might not have been sufficiently overhauled and instead be in used condition.

You run the danger of not knowing the true state of the machine if you buy a used second-hand copier without having it inspected.

Reconditioned copiers are copy machines that go through a thorough inspection to replace, renew, and repair any broken parts. However, the procedure of upgrading involves a price.

Because a used equipment has already undergone this overhauling procedure, renting out a second-hand one costs less for the supplier.

It is said that this used, second-hand copier is of poorer quality and requires more maintenance.

This pre-owned copier is regarded as a lesser quality item because it requires more upkeep, maintenance, and replacement than more recent versions.

How To Prevent
To be sure the copier rental provider is reliable, look into their history and reviews.
Ask the vendor why they can provide rental prices that are so much lower than those of their rivals after comparing prices.

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