3 areas where print management improves your company’s printing capacity

  • The capacity for security.
    -Use Find-Me Printing to safeguard private documents.
    -Secure your devices by using User Authentication on the touch screen or card reader.
    -Use digital signatures and watermarking to add the owner ID to each document.
  • The capacity to manage.
    -Keep track of who, what, when, and on which device people are printing.
    -Create clever rules to regulate user activity and impose reasonable printing regulations.
    -Manage printing conveniently and centrally across all platforms and devices, including mobile ones.
  • Being able to save.
    -Provide users, departments, or clients with print quotas.
    -Reduce waste and the carbon footprint of your company.
    -Adopt a pay-per-use business model to recover printing expenses.
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