Below are some good reasons why you should get your refurbished copier from us:

Many Satisfied Customers

We have been in business for more than 10 years and have grown tremendously with an expanding base of satisfied customers. 

Thorough Inspection Process

Before any used copiers are sold to customers, they all need to go through a thorough inspection process. To ensure high quality and customer satisfaction, the following machines are rejected:

  • machines with excessive copy volumes (If a copier has been used hard during its lease, we simply won’t sell it)
  • machines which have had a poor service record
  • models that we consider offer poor reliability

Only the models that are hand-picked by our professional team are selected. Those selected for refurbishment are then put through an extensive workshop rebuild to make sure that that they comparable to the new copier in durability and performance.

Copier Maintenance

We have a team of highly trained and certified technicians to meet customers’ copier maintenance requirement.

Our intention is to offer our customers a great cost-effective and reliable alternative to buying new equipment.

We stand behind every purchase

With our reconditioned copiers, you will experience the benefits of a new copier at only a fraction of the price. You will also receive all the amenities of a new machine, such as flexible payment options, a great warranty and quick delivery.

Warranty: All of our slightly used copiers come with a SAME AS BRAND NEW WARRANTY!