Many businesses today benefit from the purchase of refurbished copiers. Below are examples of the types of businesses that purchase refurbished photocopiers and greatly benefit from the investment:

Small and medium businesses

Small businesses or start up businesses may not want to make a large amount of investment in a copier. Refurbished photocopy machines are a good alternative. These copiers can cost as low as 50% less than their new counterparts. The savings can be put to good use in other areas of the business. A used copy machine is one of the best values for a start-up business, small business, or corporation.

Businesses that want a higher capacity copier with very affordable price

The heavier the, the faster your copier should be. The copier’s price is proportional to its speed. That is, the faster the copier, the more expensive it is. An alternative is to get a refurbished copier. A refurbished copier can be a smart choice for small enterprises or people seeking all the multi-functionality features of a new copier at a comparatively cheaper price. With used copiers you get the best of both worlds. You have all the benefits of a high-end copier without spending a large amount of money

Note: It is very important that you plan for the long run. Some businesses make the mistake of buying a cheaper low volume copier because of its price. However, low volume copier would not last long if your usage is high because it was not built for heavy use.

Corporations that care for the environment

Buying a refurbished copier is not only a smarter choice; it’s also a green choice. When you buy a refurbished copier, you are making full use of it for its entire lifespan. This means there will be one less copier in your local landfill.

Buying refurbished vs leasing

Leasing is a good option for companies that do not want to fork lots of money upfront to buy a copier outright. Businesses pays a lesser amount compared to the purchase price to obtain the use of the copiers and pay the lease every month usually depends on the usage. However, leasing is not without its disadvantages. The main disadvantage is its high total cost. By leasing you will end up paying a higher cost per page than buying the machine outright. The leasing Copier leasing companies make their money by locking you into a contract and then up-selling you a costlier model when the lease is up. You keep paying and paying but never actually own anything.

A rental copier is an alternative to buying a new copier but if you are into saving loads of money, then a refurbished copier makes more sense. Buy a fully reconditioned and gently used copier with a good warranty and service agreement. You will save significant cost in the long run.


The reasons for buying a refurbished copier are many, but the following two reasons carry the most weight. First, refurbished copiers are literally as good as new. Second, they cost much less than the new copiers and is able produces your documents at a lower cost per copy.