Refurbished photocopiers are also known as reconditioned copiers, slightly used and gently used copiers. Refurbished copiers come from:

1. Sales demo models

2. Early lease returns

Many companies upgrade perfectly good copiers because either the lease has expired or the company needs have changed. Some owners trade in their copiers and opt for a higher volume models to meet their expanding business needs. For example they may need a bigger faster machine or be taking on a colour copy and print facility.

3. Repossessions

Some companies sell off their copiers due to lack of growth in their industries, downsizing, restructuring, bankruptcy etc. In times of recession, companies may be downgrading or a machine may have been repossessed by a leasing company.

In the majority of the cases above, the copiers still have many more years of reliable service left in them.  Before these machines are sold off to a new buyer they go through a process called “refurbishing” which include inspection, maintenance and replacement of worn out parts. If the process is done thoroughly the refurbished copier will function like new.

Refurbished photocopy machines comes in many popular brands such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Toshiba. It also comes in a wide range of used copier options including black and white, color, digital, and analog used copiers. Refurbished copiers can be really good investment for your business.