Before buying a used copier ascertain whether a rigorous quality and reliability check has been conducted or not. The entire copier should be inspected and evaluated for potential problems or performance issues. Simply cleaning the exterior of used copiers is not adequate. Ideally, used copiers should be thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside. After a full check list inspection, the copier should then have any worn parts replaced. The copier then need to have all of its features and functionality thoroughly tested to be certain it performs up to specifications.

In general, a thorough refurbished process involved inspection of the following items:

Fusing Assembly

  • Checking all Rollers
  • Checking all Roller Bearings

Imaging Section

  • Inspection of Drums
  • Inspection of Cleaning Blades

Charge Assembly

  • Inspection of charge corona wire, grid and cleaning blocks

Paper Feed Assembly

  • Paper feed & paper pickup tires  
  • Drawers

Document Feeder

  • Upper Fuser Roller
  • Paper Feed Belt
  • Paper Feed Roller 


  • Check CCD
  • Inspect Mirrors
  • Test Exposure Lamp
  •  Inspect Platen


  • Test Copy Quality
  • Test other functions such as LCT, Duplex, Staple/Sorter
  • Test Sensors and check contacts and wire harnesses
  • Check Motors, Gears, Drive belts and cables

Before Packaging

  • Cleaning
  • Check toner

Any items that did not pass inspection should also be corrected by the distributor before put up for sale.