Taking Care of Your Photocopy Machine

Photocopy machines are expensive investment for any business and hence making sure that your investment is well worth it, you need to make sure the machine is well maintained to maximize its lifespan. Most businesses that buy photocopy machines usually also purchase the maintenance agreement with the supplier where periodic replacement of worn out parts and maintenance work is carried out. Usually the frequency of the service depends on the usage. However, apart from these periodic maintenance by professionals, the users also need to carry out some basic actions to extend the copiers lifespan.

Some additional steps you can take to maintain your copier are:

Clearing away the dust buildup outside and inside the machine

Using your 1-inch paint brush, gently sweep away dust and debris inside your copier. Lightly sweep all the surfaces inside and outside the machine. Vacuum around the machine thoroughly and under the machine. This will help to eliminate dust that can cause over-heating. Also, vacuum the filters and fans to clear the dust buildup.

Remove toner residue

Saturate cotton balls with isopropyl alcohol and use them to wipe away toner residue. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Taking care of glass screen

Use glass cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the outside of the machine as well as the glass copy screen. Use fresh paper towel gently on the screen to avoid streaking.