Saving Tips For Photocopier Users

Below are some tips to reduce savings in the office

Match your needs with the choice of copier

Buy what you need. Avoiding buying features that you do not need will save you lots of money. Some features to consider are:

Speed of the copier

How fast do you need your photocopy machine to be? There is a trade off between price and speed.

Multiple functions

Do you need all the functions that the copier is capable of? Every function is already added to the price. Knowing what functions you need and those function you do not need, can save you a lot of money.

Multifunctional device

If you are planning new office setup, getting a multifunctional machine (such as photocopy machine, fax machine, printer, etc all in one machine) will save you money compared to buying individual separate office equipment. It may also increases office productivity.

Going paperless!

It is amazing how quickly people get into bad habits. For instance, copies of a document may be made when it could just as easily be scanned in and emailed around to colleagues rather than making physical copies. This not only save cost, but also save time and is good for the environment.

Switching Copiers Off

Make sure to check that all copiers and any other non-essential machines are turned off before leaving the office to save energy and reducing your energy bills.

Use Duplex Default

You can also save on paper cost by selecting a copier’s duplex function for double sided printing. This should in fact be set to default, which will greatly reduce the amount of paper that is consumed and also lower your office costs.

Install Tracking Software

To prevent misused and waste, you can install softwares and tracking codes that tracks the usage of the copier to each staff in the office. This way, your staff will not simply use the copier.


One of the best ways for workplaces to limit their environmental impact and save energy is to recycle. Provide simple and convenient waste paper disposal arrangements makes recycling your unwanted waste paper quick and easy. As a general rule, keep large waste paper bins right by your copiers – large so they don’t fill up so quickly and close. This way the environmental and energy impact of your copying is kept to an absolute minimum.