If a photocopy machine meets all your needs but is too much for your budget, there is another viable option. Instead of downgrading your requirements, consider leasing a copier. For a manageable monthly fee, you’ll get access to the copier you need with the latest features.

Benefits of Leasing

Flexible and no long term commitment.

You can always change or cancel your program.  Depending on the contract, leasing allows you to walk away from a machine, increasing your financial flexibility if you cannot afford ongoing monthly payments. W e have month to month copier rental program means you are not obligated to a long term contract or lease. 

Little or No Hassle

Leasing gets you the Copier you want and everything else you need to complete your task. Copier rentals include all service & maintenance, parts, toner, and supplies.  Customer only supplies the paper.

Ability to Upgrade

Rapidly advancing technology means that copier leasing is a more attractive option for many businesses than purchasing one outright. This is because copier leases often include provisions to trade up to a newer model, allowing you to upgrade without buying anew.

No Significant Capital Outlay

A photocopier lease lets you avoid the significant capital outlay required to purchase one outright.

Routine Maintenance

Another benefit of copier leasing is that typical leases include the maintenance required to keep your copier running smoothly, including parts and labor.

As with most products, however, photocopier leasing is more expensive in the long run. Many leases charge on a per-copy basis and may include monthly copying minimums. As a general rule, if your expected volume is less than 700 copies a month, you probably do not need to lease a photocopier. You would be better off purchasing a small office copier unless you want the advanced features or service guarantees that come with business copiers.

Getting the best copier lease terms

At RCJ, we have many flexible copier rental plans from top brands in Malaysia. Contact us and we can get you the best deal.

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