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Fuji Xerox is a joint venture between FUJI FILM Holdings Corporation in Japan and Xerox Limited in the United Kingdom. FUJI FILM Holdings Corporation is the 75 percent majority shareholder. Fuji Xerox has a vast and extensive range of document solutions to meet the needs of any business from standalone and network office systems, colour solutions, production printing and publishing systems, to an extensive range of document-related software, document management consulting and document outsourcing services.

Today, the name “FUJI XEROX” is a global brand synonymous with leadership in document services and technologies.

Fuji Xerox’s mission statement:

“Our strategic intent is to be the leader in the global document market, providing document solutions (hardware, software and services) that enhance business productivity and knowledge sharing.”

In the pursuit of its mission, the Company has achieved remarkable growth that can be attributed to Fuji Xerox strengths namely:

  • Extensive Product Range
  • Customer Focus & Service Capability
  • Brand Recognition

Below are links to Fuji Xerox photocopiers that are available in Malaysia:

Low volume Fuji Xerox Copiers

Medium volume Fuji Xerox Copiers

High volume Fuji Xerox Copiers

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