Planning and Knowing Your Needs

What are your office documentation needs? Do you need to print in color? How heavy or light is your everyday use of a copier? What is the expected monthly volume? Industry statistics show that overuse is the most common reason why office copiers break down. You can reduce repair needs while keeping downtime at a minimum by ensuring your refurbished copier is designed to handle your office’s monthly copy volume. Another factor to look into is speed. How many pages per minute (ppm) you would need your copier to print?

Choose a Reliable and Reputable Dealer

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a refurbished copy device is a trustworthy dealer who can stand behind its product. Check out the service record of the dealers and their reputation.  You should take all precautionary measures while going for used copiers. Make sure that the refurbished copier from your dealer has passed through a stringent process of inspection.

Inspecting the Machine & Look at the Meter

Test out the copy machine to check its functionality. Test every function to make sure everything is running like it should be. Before you commit to a purchase, you want to know the number of copies previously made on a refurbished copier and you can verify this number by checking the built-in counter. All office-type copiers have built-in meters, or counters, that keep track of total lifetime usage. This is done to understand how much wear and tear the machine has had. Be sure to check the reading again when the machine arrive at your office to ensure that it still bears the same reading.

 Evaluate the Warranty and Maintenance Agreement

Ensure that the office equipment dealer gives you a warranty on the refurbished copier, the longer, the better. You also should buy a maintenance agreement from the dealer. Maintenance agreements for used copiers generally cover parts and service for items that usually break or wear out, such as drums or belts. Since refurbished copier may be more likely to wear out more quickly than a brand new machine, an extended maintenance agreement is certainly a good investment. Thought the agreement may entail a higher up-front cost, the agreement can be worth it in the long run.