Tips in Buying Reconditioned Copiers

Always go for a ‘properly refurbished copier’. What this essentially means is that, the copier should not only be thoroughly cleaned, but one must also ensure that all its worn-out parts have been replaced. Before buying a used copier, ask the dealer about their refurbishing process. Simply cleaning the outside and making sure it still works is not sufficient.

Maintenance Agreement
Ensure that the office equipment dealer gives you a warranty on the refurbished copier—the longer, the better. Whether you buy a color copier, or any other kind of used copier, it’s of paramount importance that you also buy a maintenance agreement that encompasses all the parts of a copier, especially those that are more liable to breaking or wearing-out, like the belt and drum. This is especially important when you’re purchasing a used copier.

Choosing a Dealer
One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a refurbished copy device is a trustworthy dealer. You should buy a refurbished copier from a dealer who you can trust and build a strong relationship with.

The Refurbishing Process
The first and the foremost thing to look at is the clean-up process of the copier. A proper refurbishing process involves much more than just cleaning the outside of the machine, replacing worn parts, inspecting the copier for potential problems and fully testing it. Don’t get lured by the steep discounts offered by the copier dealers on such copying solutions. These attractive prices may appear lucrative initially but will wind up making you pay more on the maintenance and repair in the long run.

Inspecting the Machine and the Odometer
Copiers have built-in counters that track total usage i.e. how many copies it has made, to verify any claims the office equipment dealer makes and to understand how much wear and tear the machine has had. Also, test the various feature to ensure that everything is functioning normally.