4 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Copier

A photocopier is an expensive investment for many businesses. An alternative to paying top-dollar for a brand-new copier is to buy refurbished machines. With the hefty price tags of new copiers, many businesses are buying used copiers instead. Often, this can be a smart choice: properly refurbished copiers can be a dependable part of your office for years. Below are some benefits of buying refurbished photocopy machines.

Cost saving
For many businesses, buying a gently-used reconditioned copier just makes good financial sense as savings ranges from 50% – 75% or more of the cost of a new machine can be made by buying, leasing or renting a reconditioned digital photocopier.

Many choices and Easily Available
The choices, when it comes to refurbished copiers, are immense. You can choose from a number of brands like a Canon copier or go for any other color copier. Today, one can easily get a large range of reconditioned digital black & white copiers, colour copiers and colour printers at a fraction of the cost of new machines.

Environmentally friendly
Besides being cheap and economical, reconditioned digital photocopiers are also environmentally friendly as it extend the lifespan of the machines.

Performance Comparable to New Copiers
The performance of reconditioned digital copiers, together with good service back-up, compares very favourably with the performance of new digital copiers. Many dealers can offer you either a comprehensive service agreement including parts, labour and toner or opt for time-and-materials service cover which is similar to buying a new copier.