Don’t Focus Too Much on the Price Tag

Many inexperience purchasers tend to look at the price tag only when making a decision. Although price is important, however, it is only one of the many consideration when making your photocopier investment. This article highlights some of the short-coming in focusing too much on the price.

Price-focused rather than cost-focused

Inexperience photocopier buyers commonly make the mistake of focusing only on the price. Experience buyers on the other hand look at the big picture and place more emphasis on the cost rather than just looking at price alone. By this we mean that experience buyer look at the cost of every page printed or cost per click i.e. the click of a counter as paper passes through the machine. In other words, for every page that is printed, what is that cost?

A common copier manufacturers’ tactics in getting more sales is to lower the price to entice new customers and charge a high cost for maintenance and supplies to keep the machine running. A machine with a lower up-front cost may actually cost you more per page in the long run.

Therefore you need to factor in all of the costs (upfront and maintenance cost) and determine your cost per click before making a decision. In other words, be cost-focused rather than price-focused.

 Do not be too influence by the price tag

Price is only one of the factors determining your purchase decision. When a buyer is too focused on price, he or she may make the following mistakes:

  • Buying a low-end model that can only handle low volume when the business requires a high volume copier.
  • Fail to take into consideration the service quality from the dealer.

As a result you may end up paying more through break-down, repairs, high machine downtime etc. Office productivity suffers when your photocopy machine stops working. Therefore, if you pay too much attention to the price tag you may end up with an underperforming copier.