Photocopier Buying Tips (Part 2)

More tips to consider when buying a photocopier:

Do you need to produce copies in different types of papers i.e. different size, material, and weight. If your business needs to produce copies using various types of papers such as index cards, transparencies, and other media, you need to check with the salesperson to get a photocopier that can handle all these requirement.

Duplexing refers to the ability to print on both sides of the paper. Buying this type of copier will cost a few more dollars but if you think it is necessary for your business, then why not? It can save you money on paper and be more cost effective to run. It is also good for the environment.

Special Additional Features
The amount of features a photocopier can have varies greatly. Therefore you need to pay attention to all those special features the copier have. If your business creates documents that need to be bound, you should look out for the image shift feature. Some machines also have stapling and collating capabilities.

Speed of the Photocopy Machine
Photocopiers come in a variety of sizes and copy speeds vary.The type of photocopier your business need depends on the volume you do each day. The general rule of thumb here is the greater the number of copies needed at a time i.e. large documents, the faster the copier speed. The speed of the copier needs to be considered so that the workplace can run efficiently without people waiting for documents. To assess the speed, look at the pages per minute function as it determines how many pages your copier prints per minute.

Tracking and Software
Some copiers come with software allowing you to link the copier to your computer network so that you can print directly from your computer without leaving your seat. This is especially useful in large offices with many workers sharing a copier. Some software also comes with a tracking function allowing you to track what is being printed. Tracking is useful for budgeting purpose as it enable you to track the printing cost to the various department or projects. It also helps reduce cost. Knowing that all photocopying costs are tracked prevents your office workers from making wasteful and unnecessary copies.