Photocopier Buying Tips (Part 1)

You have already decided that your business needs a multifunctional digital copier. A good photocopier can help your business in many ways. However, before you commit to a purchase, there are some things you have to take into consideration as all photocopy machines are unique and have different features. Below are some key points to consider to help you get the copier that is most suited to your business need.

Multifunctional Copier

You may want to consider combining all your office device into one. A small office may benefit from having copying, fax, e-mail and Internet link in one device as this not only saves space but is much more cost effective that running multiple devices separately. Modern multifunctional photocopiers can also act as fax machines, digital storage devices and computer scanners, with information stored on a hard disk.

Color or Black and White?

If almost all your documents do not need color, then a black and white copier will suffice, Also you need to factor in future needs and take into consideration the price difference of a color photocopier.

Paper Handling

Many inexperience buyers fail to take this point into consideration. . If your photocopier is in constant use each day, then you should consider a copier with a large capacity tray. This will free yourself and your colleagues from refilling the copier tray often. Think about how much you are going to use it, and try to be specific. By working out the average number of copies per week or month determines the size of the copier you choose and the paper tray size. Most copiers hold up to 1,000 sheets, which is adequate for the moderate user.

Clarity and Resolution

The clarity of the copy depends on the resolution of the photocopier. The resolution determines the quality and sharpness of an image. Resolution is measured in dots per inch (DPI). In general photocopy machines with high resolutions are more expensive, therefore, unless your business requires making prints with extremely clear images, you may opt for a cheaper lower resolution that is more suited to your needs. Designers on the other hand need extremely high resolution photocopiers capable of detailed high quality printing.


A common mistake some buyers make is to get a cheaper copier capable of handling low volume when the business require a higher volume copier. Low volume personal copiers are not made to handle hefty volume. You may end up losing money and time on repair and maintenance. When assessing volume, you need to consider the future needs of your business. A copier is a long term investment.