Digital Multifunction Devices

Modern digital multifunction copiers can do many things. You need to be aware of what these devices do so that you can purchase the right copier that not only meet your office requirement but also allows you to save cost. The capability of multifunction copier includes:

You can use your digital copier as a printer by adding a printer module and network card. This not onl;y save you the expense of getting printers but also save significantly on printing cost as the printing cost per page is much cheaper than laser printing.

Digital multifunction devices can scan document into its memory. Add-ons to scanning functionality include OCR (optical character recognition) software that can allow you to scan document into editable electronic documents directly to your computer.

Digital copiers can double up as a fax machine. With a network interface, users can even send faxes from their computers without leaving their seats.

Digital multifunction devices can edit your documents e.g. insert automatic page numbering, adding watermarks or date stamps.

Automatic sizing
Automatic resizing function means that your digital copier will automatically reduce or enlarge settings to match the size of the copying paper with the original.

Save energy function
Almost all copiers now have an automatic shut-off option to help save energy if it have not been used for a certain period of time.

Many digital multifunction devices have a security or tracking code that users need to enter before they can make copies. This prevents unauthorized usage and also allow company to track usage by different groups of people on different projects.