Common Mistake When Buying a Copier

Copiers are one of the most used office equipment and it plays an important part in contributing to office productivity. A poor purchasing decision will not only cost you money, it will also lower office productivity and affects your customers. With copiers costing in the thousands of dollars, it makes it more important to avoid mistakes when making investment in your new photocopier. When you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a copier, you want to avoid making costly mistakes.

Below are some common examples of typical purchasing pitfalls you should look out for:

Price vs Cost

Inexperience photocopier buyers commonly make the mistake of focusing only on the price. Experience buyers on the other hand place more emphasis on the cost rather than just looking at price alone. They take into consideration the cost per click i.e. the cost for every page that is printed.

Too influence by the price tag

When a buyer is too focused on price, he or she may end up with a photocopier that under-performs.As a result you may end up paying more through break-down, repairs, high machine downtime etc. Office productivity suffers when your photocopy machine stops working.

Service and maintainence

Another buying decision that’s more important than just price is how a dealer responds to a repair call. How fast do they respond? Do they have the parts to fix the problem? If they don’t if will cause further delay.

Future Needs vs Immediate Needs

Buying a photocopier is a long term investment. A well-maintained copier will last you for years. Therefore, you need to make sure that you take into consideration future needs as well as your current needs.Inexperience buyers frequently make the mistake of looking at their immediate needs only without considering future trends or growth of the business. Smart buyers on the other hand, predict what their document workflow (copying, printing, scanning, and faxing) will be three to five years down the road. Choosing a quality copier that will meet the growing needs of your business will last you for many years.

Pay only for features you’ll use

Photocopy machines comes with varying features and price. Determine the features that you want and talk to your dealer about features you do not need. There may be a cheaper model that meets your office needs adequately compared to the model that your dealer proposed. For example, some buyers think certain features like the scanning function will be useful, but their office staff may never use it. If you don’t plan to use certain features, let the dealer know so you don’t needlessly add to your costs.