Choosing a Copier

Before you begin researching digital copier vendors, ask yourself these three questions to get a good grasp of what your needs are. Some questions that you need to ask before you buy an office copier:

1. What do you want the photocopy machine for?

Modern photocopy machines are known as multifunctional office equipment because do much more than the traditional role of making duplicates, sorting and stapling. A typical digital photocopy machine or a multifunctional machine can also print, fax and scan. They allow connections with a network of computers thus saving on printer cost and require less space. Hence, if you need to do all the above, just get one multifunctional machine instead of separate individual office equipment such as fax machine, printer, scanner, etc. Would you need to print in color? If you occasionally require some color printing, you may want to get a black and white / color hybrid. This can save you on the consumables such as color inks.

2. What is the expected volume?

The volume will determine the machine capacity that you need to get. If your volume is low, you do not need to get a high volume and fast photocopier. A copier suitable for small office set up would do. Make sure you add an additional 20% to expected future usage to account for growth. Getting the estimate accurate is also important when you are entering into a leasing agreement. Overworking an office copier is the quickest route to frustrating downtime and expensive service calls.

3. How fast do you want your machine?

Photocopy machine speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm). Slower copiers usually runs at 20 ppm. Thirty to fifty ppm is of average speed. The faster machines can go over 70 ppm. You need to ask your supplier on the speed requirement. Also, if you expect to make many one-time single copies, ask about the first-copy speed rather than just depend on what is written on the brochure.