Buying Photocopier Tips

Some points to consider when getting a copier:

  • Think about how much you are going to use it, and try to be specific. By working out the average number of copies per week or month determines the size of the copier you choose and the paper tray size.
  • Choose a copier that goes automatically into standby when it is not in use. This reduces energy bills and is good for the environment.
  • Consider getting a multifunctional copier. You may benefit from having copying, fax, e-mail and Internet link in one device as this not only saves space but is much more cost effective that running multiple devices separately.
  • Consider copy clarity or sharpness. Clarity or resolution is measured in dots per inch. The higher the resolution, the more expensive the copier. Choose the appropriate resolution based on your needs.
  • Consider the speed of the copier. If there are many deadlines your team has to meet and you do not want time wasted waiting for documents, you need to get copiers with that runs faster (higher page per minute).
  • If your company does high volume of printing and photocopying, you need to consider getting copiers with software that allows you to track the usage by each user or group of users. This will allow the company to target wasteful prints and discourage staff from making unnecessary copies.