More tips to consider when buying a photocopier: Versatility Do you need to produce copies in different types of papers i.e. different size, material, and weight. If your business needs to produce copies using various types of papers such as index cards, transparencies, and other media, you need to checkRead More →

You have already decided that your business needs a multifunctional digital copier. A good photocopier can help your business in many ways. However, before you commit to a purchase, there are some things you have to take into consideration as all photocopy machines are unique and have different features. BelowRead More →

Copiers are one of the most used office equipment and it plays an important part in contributing to office productivity. A poor purchasing decision will not only cost you money, it will also lower office productivity and affects your customers. With copiers costing in the thousands of dollars, it makesRead More →

Many inexperience purchasers tend to look at the price tag only when making a decision. Although price is important, however, it is only one of the many consideration when making your photocopier investment. This article highlights some of the short-coming in focusing too much on the price. Price-focused rather thanRead More →

Always go for a ‘properly refurbished copier’. What this essentially means is that, the copier should not only be thoroughly cleaned, but one must also ensure that all its worn-out parts have been replaced. Before buying a used copier, ask the dealer about their refurbishing process. Simply cleaning the outsideRead More →

A photocopier is an expensive investment for many businesses. An alternative to paying top-dollar for a brand-new copier is to buy refurbished machines. With the hefty price tags of new copiers, many businesses are buying used copiers instead. Often, this can be a smart choice: properly refurbished copiers can beRead More →

Before you begin researching digital copier vendors, ask yourself these three questions to get a good grasp of what your needs are. Some questions that you need to ask before you buy an office copier: 1. What do you want the photocopy machine for? Modern photocopy machines are known asRead More →

Modern digital multifunction copiers can do many things. You need to be aware of what these devices do so that you can purchase the right copier that not only meet your office requirement but also allows you to save cost. The capability of multifunction copier includes: Printing You can useRead More →

Some points to consider when getting a copier: Think about how much you are going to use it, and try to be specific. By working out the average number of copies per week or month determines the size of the copier you choose and the paper tray size. Choose aRead More →